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Being a Nice Person
Karen O

A great post about how to work around privilege while taking responsibility for it and avoiding great gaping black holes of guilt and recrimination. I like that it's even-handed, because it doesn't actually specify who it's directed at (in the text of the post -- the preamble gives context for why the poster made it, but I think it's general enough to apply to a lot of instances).

tekanji 's article is great, it's one of the few positive lists that doesn't leave you feeling like you've been rapped on the knuckles.

That was pretty awesome and I feel like it needs to be circulated anytime kneejerk reactions appear on online discussions, e.g. "OMG! Why are you so angry! You hate white people, which is just as bad as.."

I LOVE this. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Definately getting bookmarked!

Yeh, I definitely liked the writer's approach - and I agree, it's about ALL minorities and ALL privileged people... she refers to herself at times as a minority (a woman) and at other times as privileged (I think as a white person), so she stresses the possibility in this of being both a minority and privileged in different ways, and the important thing is which minority's issues/forum/discussion this is: is this about being a woman, or about being non-white, or about being gay - then use the appropriate language and approach depending on these things.

I'm not sure how clear that was, but yeh, I liked it.


I liked it. not all of it, but overall, I liked it.


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